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Tim Tebow beaned in the head, stays in the game

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Port St. Lucie Mets outfielder Tim Tebow took a hit to the head in last night’s game, but he’s a football player so he’s used to it.

Tebow was at bat when he was drilled with a fastball, causing a loud crack when the ball hit his batting helmet. It was a scary sound, but Tebow didn’t go down, shook it off and calmly proceeded to first base.

The fans loudly booed what they may have perceived as an intentional bean ball, but Tebow didn’t seem particularly upset and stayed in the game.

Since getting called up to the high-A Mets, Tebow has a .311 on-base percentage and a .399 slugging percentage. Those aren’t great numbers, but for a player who hadn’t played baseball in a decade before signing with the Mets for this season, they’re fairly impressive. As was Tebow’s resilience when taking a fastball to the noggin.

Source : Pro Football Talk


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