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Browns opt for a half measure

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Half measures never work.

It’s a lesson that was once communicated persuasively by Michael J. Ehrmantraut. And it’s a lesson that has been lost to date on ownership of the Cleveland Browns.

By firing executive V.P. of football operations Sashi Brown and committing to the 2018 return of coach Hue Jackson (who still may join Rod Marinelli as the charter members of Club Oh-And-Sixteen), Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam have opted for a half measure, forcing the next person to run the football operation to work with Jackson for a year, even if that person would prefer to hire his own head coach.

That’s how it always works. G.M. wants his own coach. Coach wants his own quarterback. But whoever the Browns now hire as G.M. (or whatever title they give the next person) will be stuck with Jackson, for at least another year.

That necessarily will make it harder for the Browns to hire the best possible candidate, because the best possible candidate will opt for a team where the best possible candidate can hire his own head coach. It’s a point recently made here regarding what the Browns need to do. And, of course, they haven’t done it.

Chances are that they already know who they’ll hire, and that they know that the person they’ll hire is fine with Hue Jackson for at least a year (or, at a minimum, that the person they’ll hire claims he’s fine with Hue Jackson for at least a year). Browns fans should hope that’s the case, because that’s the only reasonable way out of the most recent maze of mirrors into which ownership has willingly placed itself.

It also meshes with the PFT report from October that the Browns had begun reaching out to football executives. Sure, they denied it. But they were doing it, and they presumably now know who they’ll be hiring, eventually.

If they don’t, and if they’re truly starting from scratch with a plan to hire someone who will have no choice but to work with Hue Jackson, Browns fans should get ready for more of the same in 2018.

Then again, maybe they should get ready for more of the same in 2018, anyway.

Source : Pro Football Talk


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