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Draft Day 2013 – Don’t Wait For A Running Back In 2013

After doing a few mock draftmasters to start our off-season it was easily seen that their is a common trend so far, one that I can see staying for 2013. In almost 99% of all drafts that I have completed including our own Twitter Draft the first 2 rounds are very lopsided to grabbing a RB and grabbing 2 quickly. Most first rounds of a standard 12 team league PPR are comprised of at least 10-11 running backs with at times I have seen Calvin Johnson, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and even Cam Newton thrown into the mix of course on the back-end of the first round. The 2nd round looks to stay suite with 50% or more RBs taken but mixes of WRs and QBs.

With the NFL really starting to get offensive minded and the evolution of the QB position (we like to call it QB 3.0), the running back position and especially the quarterback position I can see starting to become a first round hog with teams looking to build up their RB depth quickly and early. – Nick Vertucci, SAFF

Many believe in the “Take The Best Available Player Approach” and I can say yes at times I do believe and buy into it however, with what I have seen so far this off-season that approach, especially for the first 3-4 rounds may be obsolete. Yes, you will need to take what the draft gives you but who says you can’t manipulate the draft yourself knowing and anticipating other owners selections? Even with RBBC offensive play calling (Running Back-BY-Committee) their still is value BUT EARLY VALUE and even more so for guys like Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, Ray Rice, Doug Martin, and even Chris Johnson; we believe the Shonn Greene signing won’t affect CJNoK as much as others think.

While grabbing a tier 1/2 guy in the early rounds of the draft, you really set a solid foundation for yourself especially with the depth of QB and WR in the upcoming 2013 season. No need to rush on a guy like Calvin; even though he is an absolute stud, because the value at RB in the first round or the adjacent is more then what WR would be in the later rounds due to the depth of position and the now spread/option offense fad going around the NFL. You can make up for what Calvin might have gotten you with later round wide outs but you can’t make up for what a first round RB would get you due to the fact of RBBC, and how quickly they more then likely will go during your draft.

The days of a true first round QB/RB/WR mix are coming to an end. Grab a running back, grab one or 2 early and be sure you don’t look back!

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