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The NFL’s New Lowering Head Rule And Fantasy Production – Negative Or Positive Impact?

The NFL is considering a rules change that would penalize runners for lowering their heads and initiating contact with tacklers

In a very drastic way to limit the physicality of the sport, the NFL is deciding on a rule that would be a personal foul for not only runners but also tacklers for lowering their heads and making contact. I think most of us can remember recently the Bernard Pollard hit in the AFC Championship Game, if not take a look….

Now of course this was the first thing that came to my mind however, profootballtalk.com indicated that it “would not have been a penalty because neither player was directly leading with the crown of his helmet.”

However, what does this rule say for power running backs, or indirect/accidental collisions? Its hard to say now and one thing I can also add is that it isn’t official at this time but if passed I can only expect some kind of negative result, and negative fantasy production. Nothing substantial but you may see weeks decided on a call described in this fashion when it was either no-ones fault or a defensive player, more likely even the running back just trying to get lower.

I understand the NFLs decision on trying to make a safe work environment however, these players are signing up to make the big bucks, playing A GAME. Football is a violent sport and the more you restrict that will only affect the games rythme, and overall interest. I say, LET THEM PLAY!

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